A New Year, A New You.

And new year of better water.

It’s not only a new year; it’s a new decade. As the years tick by, what better reason is there to invest in your health – starting now. And one of the primary ways to do this is by drinking the best, pure water and lots of it. Better water equals a better you.

The body is estimated to be 55-75% water, based on age and gender. Water helps us maintain normal body temperatures, lubricates our joints, and helps rid our bodies of waste. Water is a solvent. It is crucial in transporting hormones, chemical messages, and nutrients to our vital organs, helping them do their jobs.

Water sometimes carries unwanted elements and chemicals, making it extremely important to know that the water you drink is pure, clean and only the best.

Let’s take a little trip.

Pure, clean water produces a feeling as soon as you turn your tap on. That’s where the journey begins. You are thirsty. You turn on the faucet. You see clear, clean water pour from the spout. You hear the sound as it fills up your cup. You raise the glass to your lips. You take a sip, or gulp, and you begin sensing that refreshing water rushing through your mouth, down your throat and dispersing into your chest, arms, legs, spine and every nook and cranny of your body. You and your cells are happy. The feeling washes over you. That’s the power of pure water. Do you get this feeling from your drinking water?

Benefits of better water.

To function properly, all cells and organs need pure water, and you need an estimated eight – 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon in a day. With this you can experience many additional perks:

  • Forms proper amounts of saliva and mucus.
  • Delivers oxygen throughout the body.
  • Boosts skin health and beauty.
  • Cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissue.
  • The digestive system depends on it.
  • It helps maintain blood pressure.
  • Your airways need it.
  • Makes minerals and nutrients more accessible.
  • Prevents kidney damage.
  • Boosts performance during exercise.

And that is only to name a few more.

Water has a wide range of health effects and benefits. Keep in mind, during the holidays, some of us put on the extra pounds. We tend to make New Years’ resolutions to lose weight. Well, if that’s you, consuming water can increase satiety and boost your metabolic rate. Keep drinking water!

What if you have contaminants?

Let’s go back to that feeling, that first gulp and refreshed state. What if that first rush through the mouth is filled with more than just pure water? And how will you know? Not all contaminants have a taste. There may also be bacteria, chlorine, sulfur, iron, chloramine, radium, chromium, and pesticide residuals, to name a few. This may depend on location and where you get your water (city or well). And these contaminants have the potential to do more harm than good with your water. If you are really dedicated to this “New Year, New You” then you must take this step seriously. If you have not done so already, the only way to know if you are drinking the best water from your tap – is to get your water tested. You drink bottled water, you say? Well, we all know now that the plastic bottle containers holding your water may have their own impure effects. Learn more about bottled water and drinking water contaminants in the “Good Reads” section below.

Concerning our healthy New Year, we must also be aware that these possible contaminants and residuals left behind in our water may affect us differently as we age. They especially affect infants, pregnant women, the elderly and the ill. Those with weak or underdeveloped immune systems can be more susceptible to contaminants in drinking water. And don’t forget about our furry friends!

Good Reads:
What’s in your drinking water? https://gordonbroswater.com/blog/whats-in-your-drinking-water/
Bottled Water – Is it really better than your tap? https://gordonbroswater.com/blog/is-bottled-water-really-better-than-tap/

What to do now.

It’s easy. Start drinking more water! It will take time, but making sure you are drinking the best water, and enough of it, must become your ritual. For your health and to SAVE MONEY – get your water tested. Find out if you need to install a filter system so you can enjoy water straight from the tap again. Plus, you will save that money in the New Year on less bottled water. Check out the math in the Good Reads “Bottled Water” article above.

It is okay to fill bottles with water. Just be more aware of what bottles you are using. Purchase refillable bottles that are safe and ones you can carry throughout your “New Year, New You” days during this new decade. You will feel the difference and so much better all over.

Time to turn the tap back on.

Gordon Brothers is here to give you the best water on tap. We want you to love your water again and help you get started with a “New Year, New You” attitude. We have at-the-tap drinking water filters and whole house systems and much more to better your water. We also do free in-home water testing. Just give us a call at 800-331-7611 and we will send a water specialist to your home to answer your questions and help give you peace of mind. Remember, you can’t know what’s in your water unless you have it tested. Also, special opportunities are always available to help you get the very best water for your home and family and furry friends. Click to learn more at www.gordonbroswater.com. And lastly… CHEERS with a fresh, clear, clean glass of water for a happy, healthy New Year and new decade!

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