Enjoying Water From the Tap.

Before the Dawn of a New Era.

Remember playing all day in the middle lot or nearby woods when you were a little kid? If you got thirsty and needed to replenish you popped into your mom’s kitchen for a quick glass of water straight from the tap and maybe a refill for your canteen. Those were the days.

Over time, based on evidence and known health risks from natural and man-made contaminants entering our water supply, we began getting our drinking water sold in plastic bottles instead. So much so, that whole grocery store aisles filled up with various water brands and types including purified, distilled, spring and mineral — also coming in plain or sparkling water. That was the perfect fix right?

Once you got over adding this item to your grocery cart each week and making room for the child-sized 24 pack, 36 pack or larger package of plastic bottles of water, you felt peace of mind again. Or did you?

Insert a new Kinetico K5 Drinking Water System here.

We are now finding that plastic bottles of water may not be the right answer. These bottles may also have contaminants and leach their own chemicals into our drinking water when not used correctly. We are also questioning their additional cost coming out of our wallets and the environment. Maybe it’s time to enjoy a new freedom similar to one you had when we were kids. The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water System, providing pure water straight from the tap, might just be that answer—with benefits!

Enjoy Core 4 Benefits.

The K5 is easy to install, provides plenty of water, promotes healthy options and helps save in so many ways. So what’s the catch? There isn’t one. The K5 Drinking Water System provides even more benefits – including drinking water straight from the tap again. Plus, it’s not only for homes; it’s very convenient for businesses too. The K5 will speak for itself when delivered with these core 4 benefits:

Plain and simple, the K5 helps to alleviate space in your grocery cart, in storage at home and at the office, while eliminating extra recycling waste. You can also enjoy the ease on your mind and body not having to drag packs of water around anymore. Plus, the K5 provides up to 40 gallons per day that replenishes quickly and lets you know when a new filter is needed. It not only connects to the sink, it also connects to additional appliances like your refrigerator, ice maker, soda fountain and some designer faucets – taking up little space.</

Pure Water.
Did we mention the K5 provides up to 40 gallons of pure water per day? This is 3 times the industry standard. And it’s built-in PureMometer will let you know ahead when it’s time to replace the filter. There’s no more guessing with the K5. It is the most advanced Reverse Osmosis (RO) system built with up to 5 customizable, superior filtration cartridges that may include removal of arsenic, minerals, bacteria, VOC reduction and more.

Healthy Choice.
Not only are you getting pure water with the K5, you are getting a quick, healthy choice for drinking and cooking again. You no longer have to wonder what’s in your water. Plus, it also helps to eliminate plastic bottles, which is more environmentally friendly. This provides peace of mind and a healthy choice for everyone.

Smart Savings.
Plastic bottles are not only costly on the environment, they can be costly on your health and also costly on your wallet. With the K5 you really can save in so many of these ways. The average bottle of water costs $1.22 per gallon, and straight tap water costs $0.004 per gallon – making bottled water 300 times more expensive. And after installing a K5, the average cost is only $0.25 per gallon of water average – still making bottled water significantly more expensive. The K5 is also built with maximum efficiency. It has an automatic shut off to conserve water, and it is non-electric which conserves on utilities. What more can you ask?

What You Can Expect at the Tap Now.

Spend more time enjoying freedom like you did when we were kids. It is possible. Embrace pure water straight from the tap again. Fill your canteen and go on a hike or a bike ride. You don’t have to worry about lifting and storing that bottled pack anymore. The K5 Drinking Water System was created to give us all back the natural freedoms we deserve.

How Gordon Bros. Can Help.

Gordon Bros. wants you to have the #BestWaterOnTap. We work to provide affordable options for you to enjoy a new K5 Drinking Water System that fits your budget. Have additional questions? That’s great! We want to help with answers. Just give us a call at 800-331-7611 to speak to a water expert directly or visit https://gordonbroswater.com/thek5 to request more information and get started with no obligations.

We also offer bottleless water coolers and whole home and business systems customized for your specific needs. Request a FREE in-home or in-business water test. Just give us a call for a new peace of mind.

For additional bottled water concerns, read our blog “Bottled Water – Is It Really Better Than Your Tap?” https://gordonbroswater.com/blog/is-bottled-water-really-better-than-tap/

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