Enjoy a New Freedom.

Before the Dawn of this New Era.

Glug, glug, glug goes the bottled water cooler as it empties and conversations continue over the day’s doldrums, conspiracy theories and where you’d rather be. The old cooler is still hanging in as an option to keep your team hydrated during breaks – for those not bringing in their own little water bottles. Unfortunately, you and your cohorts quickly realize the bottle is going empty, and it’s time to quickly move back to your desks. Who wants to be the last one standing to cleanup, replace and refill? Right? A mysterious fairy will handle this job in the next day or so, and then, you can proceed with your everyday conversation around the bottled water cooler once more.

Insert a new Kinetico bottleless water cooler here.

It’s time to really refresh your team and let them dream big continuously. With a new Kinetico bottleless water cooler creative conversations can go on, and pauses in performance never have to happen. Keep the water and activity flowing.

The Core 4 Benefits.

There is plenty of good news here. Most people understand they need to stay more hydrated during the day to be productive, healthy and to stay awake. So, just having a water cooler in place is a great benefit. Now, what if you could add even more benefits for almost NO HASSLE and possibly save on investment? That’s a win-win and shouldn’t even need a discussion. Well, if you do need to know a bit more, here are the key benefits delivered with your new Kinetico bottleless water cooler:

Easy to Install.

This new bottleless water cooler is delivered based on your location’s needs. Drain or drainless options are available – as well as a RO (reverse osmosis) system or carbon filter option to suit your fancy. And guess what… the Kinetico bottleless water cooler comes in a stylish black or white, high impact appliance finish, with a solid steel subframe that will stand the test of time.


Convenient for All.

NO BOTTLES. That should be enough! Your closet full of bottles is now open for that expansion or extra storage you need. Plus, you no longer have to worry about hiding while you wait for someone else to replace the empty bottle. And for those who need even more benefits, dripping and cleanups are virtually eliminated. That’s right. The new Kinetico bottleless water cooler has enclosed, no-drip faucets, to stay clean for better hygiene while providing a constant supply of refreshing water.


Endless Pure Water.

Did we mention the endless supply of pure water you will get? The Kinetico bottleless water cooler provides constant water that eliminates the plastic jug component and filters out other contaminants. Its built-in superior filtration system, with RO or carbon filter options, quenches your thirst, and lets you focus on the important conversations of the day.


The Healthy Choice.

Water coolers in general offer a healthy option to sodas and sugary drinks offered in most break areas. They are a quick, more refreshing option to grab. Add on The Core 4 Benefits of the Kinetico bottleless water cooler and its multitemperature feature, for your cold or hot options, and you have a slam dunk! Your team will choose to stay hydrated with this healthy choice. BONUS ROUND 1: the bottleless water cooler is environmentally friendly – removing plastic bottles completely – even those pesky individual water bottles people bring in. Promote the healthy choice.

Great Expectations at the New Water Cooler Now.

Silence is golden. Except for the murmuring of ideas, solutions and what plans should be created or completed next, your new Kinetico bottleless water cooler adds only convenience and comfort to the day. It’s a whole new world at the water cooler. Pressure has been removed and you can enjoy an endless supply of pure water at the temperature you require. AND BONUS ROUND 2: You do not have to worry about maintenance and filter changes.

Gordon Bros. Can Help You Go Bottleless.

Gordon Bros. is here to get you the #BestWaterOnTap. We can install and maintain your new Kinetico bottleless water cooler at a price everyone can afford. Did we mention the cooler is great for businesses and homes too? Just give us a call at 800-331-7611 or visit https://gordonbroswater.com/gobottleless to request more information and get started – with no obligations.

We want you to love your water again and help you maintain that “New Year, New You” attitude. We also offer at-the-tap drinking water filters and whole home and business systems to better your water. Request a free in-home or in-business water test. Just give us a call for answers to your questions and peace of mind.

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