It’s time to filter up.

In general, we hear that US drinking water, from the tap, is “mostly safe” according to the EPA – based on their current requirements. However, for varying reasons more and more Americans are drinking bottled water. On average, in 2018 Statista Global Consumer Survey reported 60% of the US population consumes bottled water as their regular beverage source. They also reported that bottled water is surpassing sodas as the favorite among consumers, up to 13.85 billion gallons per year in 2018, which is great for our health.

Unfortunately, for some of our bottled water fanatics, statistics also show an extraordinary amount of waste and additional cost this source of drinking water produces. To meet the annual demand of bottled water production in the US, about 17+ million barrels of oil are needed. Out of the tens of billions of bottles produced, 20+ billion bottles are sent to landfills. That’s a lot of waste. And if that’s not enough, it’s amazing how much of the bottled water cost is actually the water, because an estimated 90% of the cost is really in the packaging.

An estimated 90% of bottled water cost is in the packaging.

It’s Time to Go Bottleless.

Maybe it’s time to enjoy a new freedom with your drinking water source again. You really can get it straight from the tap. The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water System, providing plenty of water, can be your answer—with benefits that are stacking up. It is CONVENIENT and easy to install. It provides plenty of PURE WATER while promoting a continued HEALTHY CHOICE. Plus, it provides a SMART SAVINGS option for you to get more water for your buck. Read our recent article on the Kinetico K5 benefits here

So, what’s the catch? There isn’t one. The K5 will answer for itself when delivered with filter options customized to your location’s water needs.

Time to Filter Up.

Times are changing and it’s becoming more obvious that bottled water is not our best bet. And, there will continue to be many unknowns with our city and well water sources. Maybe it’s time to filter up your tap with a Kinetico K5 to squash any remaining concerns. Not only does the K5 come standard with a sediment or chlorine filter, you can customize your K5 with these additional filters:

THE NEW Purefecta Guard

K5 Biopure Filter

Now, more than ever, you need the NEW Purefecta Guard filter that generates biopure drinking water, significantly reducing 99.99999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.999% of protozoa/cysts. It is affective against Salmonella spp, E coli, Rotavirus, Norwalk virus, Hepatitis E & A viruses and Coronavirus (SARS) to name a few.

K5 Filters Bugs

VOC Guard — Significantly reduces volatile organic compounds (pesticides, paints, cleaning supplies and other chemicals).

Arsenic Guard — Pretty clear. Specifically designed to filter out arsenic (As III) to ensure its complete removal.

Perchlorate Guard — Occurring as the byproduct of certain forms of manufacturing, perchlorate has been shown to have adverse effects on the thyroid and has been detected in drinking water and ground water in 35 states. Let’s filter that out!

Chloramine Guard — Significantly reduces chloramine, a chemical used to treat approximately 1/3 of US municipal water sources. Chlorine filters are also available.

Mineral Plus — This ADDITIVE cartridge lets you add beneficial minerals such as magnesium and calcium to your treated drinking water… for those worried about filtering out the good stuff.

Why K5?

As if the preceding benefits are not enough… no other water treatment system provides you with as much protection against arsenic, nitrates, lead, fertilizers, pesticides, chlorine, bad taste and odors and a host of other contaminants.

Going Bottleless with the Kinetico K5 Provides Even More:

  • Maximum water efficiency – producing more water in less time.
  • Flexible and expandable to meet any drinking water need.
  • PureMometer provides filter life indicator with automatic shutdown.
  • Can produce up to 40 gallons of pure water per day.

Get Started.

Gordon Bros. wants you to have the #BestWaterOnTap. We work to provide affordable options so you can enjoy a new Kinetico K5 Drinking Water System that fits your budget. Have additional questions? That’s great! We are here and want to help with answers. Just give us a call at 800-331-7611 to speak to a water expert directly or visit to request more information and get started with no obligations.

We also offer bottleless water coolers and whole home and business systems customized for your specific water treatment needs. Request a FREE in-home or in-business water test. Just give us a call for that needed peace of mind.

K5 Brochure (PDF)
K5 With Purefecta Brochure (PDF)

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