Better Water Gifts You Surprising Bonuses.

New Year’s resolutions, many people make them, yet few really keep them.

As you all know, some of the most common resolutions are related to saving money and improving your health. You try to exercise more, completely change your diet and possibly cut back on all of those expensive lattes. And it is a win-win if you can keep up with all of these lifestyle changes.

Good news! There’s actually another very simple resolution that you can kick-start today. And, it can help you reach both of these health and savings goals instantly… resolve to drink more water year-round. This habit alone will help you improve health and save you money in so many ways not realized. Let’s imagine the possibilities.

Improve Health. Choose Water Over Other Beverages.

Drinking water is extremely important to your health. Shocking? Probably not. Drinking more water, and less of the sugary, caffeinated beverages, helps to improve energy and stress levels, it improves overall appearance, gets the body running more efficiently and puts you in good spirits just in time for the holidays!

The even better news – according to figures from the International Bottle Water Association (IBWA) and the Beverage Marketing Association (BMA), total bottled water volume reached 13.7 billion gallons in 2017, an increase of 7 percent from 2016. Now, more than ever, consumers are drinking more water than pop. Plus, they are saving a lot more from the cost of those colas and double espressos.

The unfortunate factor – Americans are still spending over $18.5 billion annually on commercially packaged bottled water. Now that’s a lot more money to be saved by drinking water straight from the tap at home instead. So, why buy so much bottled water when you can save even more?

Save Your Health, Home & Money. Choose Better Water.

Having access to better water at home not only improves your natural health, it prevents potential contaminants from getting into your body. And, having better water throughout your whole home increases the life span on its investment. This is where the bonus savings of better water increases and gets more interesting.

Whole home – better water bonus savings includes (to name a few):

  • Less Products Needed: Soft water requires 50% less detergent when doing laundry. While hard water does not react well with soaps and detergents, soft water allows these products to go even further – requiring less product to purchase. Now, imagine all of your cleaning products, including special shampoos and body washes, that will last longer or may not even be needed. These add up to a big savings!
  • Cleaner, Longer-lasting Clothing: Better water contains fewer harsh, heavy metals and decontaminating chemicals like chlorine, making the wash cycle easier on clothes. And, you’ll get cleaner results. Cha-ching!
  • Increased Life Span of Appliances: Soft water cuts back the wear and tear on appliances and plumbing. Minerals in hard water cause crusty scale buildup that restricts water flow into appliances. Also, you must know that residuals from the water decontaminants can deteriorate hoses and pipes. Save big here on less replacements, repairs and maintenance.
  • Save Even More Money on Energy Bills: Better water helps your whole home run more efficiently. For example, remember that crusty scale buildup? This may also impede water heating efficiently, causing higher energy usage. Better water throughout the whole home improves the flow while taking less water to accomplish tasks. This one translates simply into lower energy bills… that should get some attention.
  • Increased Home Value: Better water not only saves money, but it can actually put more money back in your pocket. Having a water softener or reverse osmosis water filtration system installed in a home for better water may increase its value. These are desired features home buyers are looking for. This one’s a nice ‘little’ surprise bonus in the end.

All of these add up to additional bonus savings you can use right now and throughout the year – on top of improving your health. Make it a new year to remember.

Get Better Water. Love Your Water & Enjoy the Bonuses.

It’s time for better water. Maybe you’ve kicked that bottled water habit with a pour-through pitcher. And maybe you found a laundry detergent or shampoo to improve water performance and feel in your home. But, do you really love your water right now? Or are you overcompensating for deeper possible concerns – while throwing money down the drain? You need to know.

It’s time to really love your water. You need to know your specific water concerns to make the best decisions. Increase your water IQ. Every home’s water supply is unique. Have a professional analyze your water and review the possible treatments needed for your whole home. Get started for FREE!

Now is the perfect time to get, or give, the gift of better water. Gordon Brothers Water provides a FREE in-home and in-buisness Water Analysis. Learn more about your specific water needs and received free estimates on unique services and products that improve your water supply. Save money, improve your health and drink a refreshing glass of water straight from the tap again. Love Your Water, and Get the Best Water On Tap by calling 800-331-7611 or visit Check off this resolution today!

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