If you live near where fracking takes place, you may want to have your water tested to ensure that it is still safe. The fracking process is a popular one that takes place in many states, but there are complications that may occur to the ground water that is present. In some cases, homes that use well water may find it contaminated due the chemicals used in the process.

What is Fracking?

Essentially, this is a process that injects water and chemicals deep into the ground at high pressure to release the trapped oil and natural gas that is locked underground. The result of the high pressure forces the oil and natural gas to rise back up to the surface where it is captured. This process has helped to revolutionize the petroleum industry, stabilized oil prices and has created new employment opportunities as well as helped those who live on lands suitable for fracking earn money from what is recovered.

However, this process is not without its costs as the methane that is released along with the chemicals used in the process has created a very troubling problem with ground water supply. The fracking effects on ground water are such the affected homeowners no longer have safe water to drink. As this process becomes even more popular, the chances of more contaminated ground water grows.

How to Have Your Water Cleaned?

While legal action is one course of action, that does not solve your immediate needs when it comes to having clean drinking water. You will need to call your local water purification company that can provide you with the right filters and materials to make your water safe to drink.

Using consumer filters that you find at your local retail store may not clean out all the chemicals that currently contaminate your water supply. Consumer filters are mostly made to take out larger mineral deposits and other natural elements that are found in ground water. However, the fracking effects on ground water are such that it may contain elements that standard filters will not effectively treat.

Instead, a professional water purification company that specializes in removing the chemicals used in the fracking process such as methane, brine, petroleum in water will be your best choice. They have the filters and equipment and professional expertise thanks to years of helping people have clean water in their homes after it has been contaminated by fracking. Here are the well water standards for Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia which have fracking operations.

When you call the water purification company, they will setup at a time of your choosing to inspect and test the water to fully understand the level of contamination. Once that has been determined, the company will then offer a solution that will clean up your water supply along with a free quote for their services. If you accept their offer, they will install a customized solution so that your home has clean water once again.

Your water purification company is the one to call when you need immediate relief from the contamination that is caused by fracking companies to your water supply.

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