Feel Safe Knowing You’re Protected.

It’s Friday. It’s been a long workday and a long, cold week. Your mind is set on pizza, a frosty soda and binge-watching the latest rom-com series tonight on Netflix. Okay, maybe you’re thinking about the latest superhero mini-series, with a different kind of frosty beverage, but that pizza still sounds good. Either way, it’s almost time to get home from work and relax.

Well, hold that thought.

The weather has been extremely cold. It’s been close to zero degrees most of the week. You get home, enter the backdoor, and you’re overwhelmed by the water rushing across the floor. Your dog would rather be outside in the cold—instead of inside the flooded house. There is a leak in your pipes. For how long and where, you don’t know, and you need to shut off the main water supply to prevent further damage—pronto.

This may be the worst-case scenario or somewhere in between. We’ve all seen minor leaks. But what if you didn’t notice them, or you’re not at around when they happen? Who will then save your home? Well, there’s another type of superhero that could be in your life. One that will save you from future disaster, future repairs and prevent future hair loss – stress that is.

It’s time for the Kinetico Leak Detection System – the defender of homes and businesses.

How This Line of Defense Works.

Feel safe knowing you’re protected. In the event of a leak, the Kinetico Leak Detection System will automatically shut off your main water supply in 5 seconds or less. Plus, it comes with a handy App to monitor your system from anywhere in the world. How’s that sound? Grrreat? Well, here’s how it works:

  • The Hub. It’s Disaster Proof — The Kinetico Hub 3.0 is a smarter, more flexible and disaster proof hub that communicates between Sensors, the Shut-Off Valve and you thru the App. It’s built-in Wi-Fi now frees the hub from being installed next to your router. It can be placed anywhere in your home for optimal coverage and strengthened communication between the devices.
  • The Sensors. Protects Your High-Risks — The Kinetico Leak Sensors can be placed almost anywhere along your water lines to protect important areas, including washing machines, water heaters, bathrooms and HVAC units. The Sensors signal the Hub when there’s a leak, initiating the Shut-Off Valve within 5 seconds or less, and the Hub alerts you thru the App.
  • The Shut-Off Valve. Shuts It Off — The Kinetico Shut-Off Valve connects directly to the main water supply of your home. In the event of a leak, the Sensors will signal the Hub to initiate the Valve to shut-off the water in 5 seconds or less, and the Hub alerts you thru the App.
  • Pair w/ The App. All Seeing Eye — Get push notifications, texts or email alerts confirming you’re protected. Pair the Hub with your Kinetico Monitoring App and monitor the Leak Sensors and Shut-Off Valve on the go. Set your preferences via the App to receive notifications in case of a leak and who should be contacted in case of an emergency.

Now imagine the costs involved in fixing, not only water lines, but the floors, walls, furniture, building structure and the stress that your dog endured. This savings alone is worth finding out more about the World’s Most Intelligent Leak Detection System. Proceed to the supermarket with your head held high – knowing you’re protected. It’s time to travel abroad or go out with friends all night while feeling the shield of your new Detection System.

Leak Detection System

Get Started.

Let’s get you started. Answers to your questions and estimates are FREE. Contact Gordon Bros. Water at (800) 331-7611 or by visiting https://gordonbroswater.com/contact/ to learn more about Kinetico’s Leak Detection System and how it can save you from disaster down the road. Gordon Bros. offers affordable options and certified professional installers. Request a FREE Water Analysis, in addition, and get to know your whole water supply even better. We are here to get you the #BestwaterOnTap and safeguard against water concerns and leaks coming into your home or business.

Watch Kinetico Leak Detection Video — How It Works


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