Salt Services

Full Service Salt Delivery

GORDON BROS. has its own fleet of delivery vehicles to make maintaining your water softener as effortless as possible. We don’t just deliver the salt; we also fill your brine tank with the salt, and stack your salt bags where desired. We are happy to offer you a free water test to insure that your equipment is functioning properly.

Call Gordon Bros. at 1-800-331-7611 to learn about service plans and scheduled maintenance, and see how easy we make it to maintain your system.



  • Typical of 99.8% pure salt (table grade)
  • Virtually 100% water soluble
  • Uniquely compacted shape for extra hardness

Benefits of Using Gordon Brothers Pure Salt

  • Minimizes brine tank clean-out necessitated by insoluble material
  • Can be used in any water conditioning unit
  • Helps prevent mushing, bridging and channeling
  • Designed to keep water softeners clean and trouble-free

Salt and Filter Delivery Schedule

Monday Warren, Niles, North Jackon
Tuesday Hiram, Hermitage, Grove City, Slippery Rock
Wednesday Canfield, North Lima, North Springfield
Thursday Salem, Homeworth, Lisbon, Carrolton
Friday Chippewa, Ellwood City, Fombell, Hookstown
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