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75th Anniversary Specials & Rebates

Gordon Brothers is excited to celebrate 75 years in business and a 50 year partnership with Kinetico Inc. To commemorate, we are now offering special instant rebates on our complete full line of Kinetico water systems!

GET UP TO $700 TRADE IN VALUE on old Kinetico equipment towards NEW Non-Electric Kinetico System
$500 INSTANT REBATE toward a Non-Electric Whole House Kinetico Water System
$300 INSTANT REBATE toward a Non-Electric Premier Kinetico Water Softener (not valid with $500 instant rebate)
$200 INSTANT REBATE on a Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System (not valid with $500 instant rebate)
$200 INSTANT REBATE on all entry level and Mid-Range Kinetico Systems.

0% interest plans or LOW monthly terms / FREE installation / 30-Day Free Trial (with approved credit)
Call 800-331-7611 to schedule a complimentary appointment with a water specialists.

K5 Kinetico Drinking water System

Go bottleless.

K5 Drinking Water System w/ FREE INSTALL

Enjoy great tasting, high quality water from the ease of your tap. Up to 40 gallons per day. Repleneshes quick. Up to 5 stages of filtration. Call 800-331-7611 for details or REQUEST MORE DETAILS >

Kinetico Premier Series S650 XP

Get Up to $250 On Trade In

Trade in your old water softener and receive up to $250 towards the World’s Most Efficient Water Softener — Kinetico Premier Series S650 XP or other XP Series Softener Models.It provides more soft water from each bag of salt than any other water softener you can buy. Update today and save. Get started. CONTACT US HERE or call 800-331-7611. PLUS, REFER A FRIEND and SAVE MORE!

DIY Bacteria TestDIY Bacteria Test Kit

Get the DIY (do-it-yourself) bacteria test kit. It’s an easy 3-step vial process that’s accurate. Use it at your convenience. Regular testing helps to ensure that your drinking water is safe from bacteria that may cause serious illness. It is highly recommended that well water is tested 1-2 times per year. Stop by Gordon Bros. at 776 N. Ellsworth Ave. in Salem and pick up your test kit today or call 800-331-7611 for more details. Only $13.95 per kit (plus tax/shipping). Water Club Members receive a 20% discount!

Save Up To 20% OFF Reconditioned Equipment

Ask us about this great deal on our reconditioned equipment – call 800-331-7611 today.

Share Your Water Love – Refer A Friend & Receive Up To $100

REFER A FRIEND ONLINE HERE today or call 800-331-7611 to receive a Golden Referral Card to fill out in person.

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These are limited time, special offers. Call 800-331-7611 today.

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