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We all know there is plenty of research and articles out there providing facts on the value and safety of our drinking water. We know how important it is to stay hydrated, and we know how water is essential for our bodily functions. We even know how water can promote weight loss and boost skin health and beauty. Now, we thought, it might be time and even more valuable to explore the myths about our drinking water and how we get our supply. Get to know your drinking water better with these Top 10 Myths.

Top 10 Drinking Water Myths.

10. The bottled water industry is just meeting the consumer demand.

This one’s a Myth. The bottled water industry works to create demand. Up to 20 percent of the bottled water price goes to advertising costs. Some of this marketing has worked towards reducing confidence in our public tap water. Even more interesting, 45 percent of the world’s bottled water comes from that public water supply they market against. The bottled water industry was valued at $185 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $334 billion by 2023. They know what they’re doing.

9. You should avoid drinking tap water all together.

Myth! Sure, some cities’ water supplies are not at their best. The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) database can tell if your city is on that list. You may be surprised that you actually have a great water supply. Get your water tested. A simple filter option or affordable treatment system may get you the best water right from the tap. Visit the Environmental Working Group at

8. Wells and cisterns are old-school and not a healthy drinking water source.

Another Myth. Completely the opposite. Sure, some of us may remember the not-so-desirable smelly tap water at grandma’s house or the stain at the bottom of her sink. Well, technology has come a long way! Specially with the off-the-grid fanatics these days, installations of wells and cisterns have become even more desirable with treatment options to maintain pure drinking water straight from your tap.

7. Chlorine / Chloramine used in my city drinking water is bad for me.

Chlorine or Chloramine used in your public water treatment helps to disinfect and kill disease-causing germs. This is necessary. It is the residuals from this process, that may be left behind, and can cause some concerns. If you have any worry, then have your water tested. Excessive amounts may be a concern, but they can also be controlled and filtered out easily.

6. Alkaline water is better for my health than pure tap water.

Another Myth here. It has become popular. Sure, in moderation Alkaline water may provide antioxidant properties along with a better cardio boost than standard mineral waters. Plus, it soothes your acid reflux. That’s a win. But too much Alkaline water can also alter the pH of your blood and of your stomach, lowering natural stomach acidity, which helps kill bacteria. Alkaline water can be a great addition, but not a complete replacement for your drinking water needs.

5. Minerals left in well water are bad to drink.

This is a Myth. Admittedly, large amounts of minerals can be damaging to pipes and faucets. But, in your drinking water, they are not always a bad thing. Natural mineral content does provide some health benefits. This includes aiding the digestive system, promoting better immune health, and more. Some households prefer to have filters that add minerals back into their supply – including city water.

4. You don’t like the ‘taste’ of your tap water? Bottled water is the only alternative.

Simply a Myth. Some ‘taste’ in your drinking water is not harmful, but it is not always pleasant. This can easily be controlled by filters. This one is simple and much more affordable than bottled water. There are even filters that add some ‘taste’ back in!

3. Sports drinks are better for hydration during exercise than water.

Ummm, Myth. Water, water and more water is the best option to maintain hydration during exercise and regular activities. Sports drinks contain sugars and were never intended for regular consumption by the general public. Even though sports drinks can provide some benefits for intense workouts, they should never replace regular water intake before, during and after activities.

2. How you get your water doesn’t affect the environment.

Definitely a Myth. Not to harp on bottled water, but we will, and sales are still booming for that industry. And no matter how thin they claim their plastic bottles are—they are still plastic. We are becoming more and more fearful of threats from our city and well water supply. Unfortunately, instead of tackling the problem head-on with through the government and proper treatment, we look for a quick fix in bottled water. But isn’t this compounding the problem… at a cost?

1. Buying bottled water is easy and costs less.

Simply a Myth. We should all agree that pouring a glass of water from the faucet is way more easy than buying and transporting bottled water packs. Bottled drinking water costs a lot more to produce, adds up on your grocery budget annually, and it is extremely taxing on the environment. Read our blog on this topic “Bottled Water – Is It Really Better Than Your Tap?”

BONUS MYTH. Tap water is not convenient.

Big Myth here! Enjoying pure tap water is always most convenient. First, you don’t have to buy and waste plastic bottles or lug them around. Tap water is easy. Just grab a cup and start pouring. Need it on the go? There are plenty of safe and portable drinking water solutions for exercise, entertainment and work. Select your reusable container, fill it up get a move on.

Understand the Facts & Myths.

It is important for everyone to have access to the best water on tap. For years to come, we will strive for this across the globe. For today, you can ensure pure water from the tap in your own home or office. Understand the drinking water facts and the myths. Get to know more about your specific water supply. Contact Gordon Bros. Water today at 800-331-7611 for a FREE in-home or in-business water analysis and receive a FREE quote! Learn more when you speak with one of our water specialists. You may be surprised how a drinking water filter or treatment system will help you save money, promote eco-friendly living, and provide you and yours a constant flow of pure water for your in-place or on-the-go needs.

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